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Paige: ‘I Love My Non-Wrestling Role In WWE And It Opens Many Doors For Me’

Paige recently sat down with UPROXX to discuss a variety of topics. She spent some time talking about the movie centered around her career ‘Fighting With My Family’ and discussed her current role within WWE. You can see highlights of the interview below.

On if she considered playing herself in the movie:

No. My whole family got cameos, but I didn’t necessarily think I should be a part of it. I mean, I was happy just at the fact that they made a movie about me in general. We were very passionate about this movie. So I was happy, and then, in the credits, they ended up throwing me in there anyway.

On the blond girl in the movie that befriends Paige:

I mean the girls were inspired by other women, but the other women aren’t in the company anymore. They didn’t even all make it to the main roster in the end, but they were definitely all inspired by real girls. The blonde girl that I actually befriended though, who was actually nice to me from the beginning, was Summer Rae. We were always friends right from the beginning, and she was the one who I accidentally hit!

On currently being a tag team manager in WWE:

I was always pitching the idea of managing someone, even if it was Ronda Rousey, or Asuka by herself. You know, because the thing is with Asuka and Kairi, it’s just that their English isn’t too great right now. They’re incredible wrestlers, like the best wrestlers that I feel like we have, but sometimes you need to have the talking on the microphone, as much as people think we don’t need it, we do. I love my non-wrestling role that I have. I mean obviously my first passion was to be an actual wrestler, but obviously I can’t change that, and there’s no point dwelling about it. So now I do love my part, but it obviously opens up other doors to other things

You can check out the full interview here. Let us know in the comments what you think of Paige being a manager now in WWE.

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