Nasser Alruwayeh Shares That He Is No Longer With The WWE

After rumors initially surfaced that Nasser Alruwayeh was cut from the WWE alongside Shadia Bseiso, the superstar took to social media to confirm the news. In an Instagram post shared yesterday, Alruwayeh confirmed the news, saying that he had asked for his release from the WWE in an effort to pursue his goals in Crossfit.

In the post, Alruwayeh thanked the WWE for taking a chance on him and for the one-and-a-half years that he has been with the company. While he notes that he asked for his release, Casey Michael of Squared Circle Sirens notes that his sources tell him that Alruwayeh was released, and never asked for his actual release.

Of course, only time will tell if he remains gone forever, but it does seem like Alruwayeh is adamant about making a career out of Crossfit, so hopefully he is able to do so.