Photo by Lokman lhan/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Silver King Passes Away After Suffering Heart Attack During Match

In a very shocking and unfortunate turn of events tonight, former CMLL/AAA/WCW wrestler Silver King, son of Dr. Wagner and brother of Dr. Wagner Jr., has passed away after suffering a health issue during a match that he was participating in today. In a report from, the 51-year old was participating in a match against Juventud Guerrera when he suffered the health issue.

According to reports, King suffered a myocardial infarction (otherwise known as a heart attack) and was unfortunately unable to be saved. King was a legendary Luchador who had extensive stints with many wrestling brands, including New Japan Pro Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, and a variety of other, smaller brands. WrestleZone sends condolences to the friends and family of Silver King in this difficult time.

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