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George Mizanin Reveals He Broke Rib At WrestleMania, Talks The Miz’s Journey To WWE

George Mizanin, father of WWE Superstar The Miz, recently sat down with Jobbing Out Podcast to discuss a variety of things. Among them, George reveals that he broke his rib at WrestleMania when getting involved in his son’s match with Shane McMahon. Check out the highlights from the interview below.

On breaking a rib at WrestleMania:

Shane told me to not get into the ring but to follow his lead with whatever happened. He was calling me into the ring and I knew I was not supposed to get into the ring but I went in. He gave me a knee in the rib and it actually broke one of my ribs. I give him a black eye and Miz had three staples put in his head that day. WrestleMania is the Super Bowl of wrestling and for all of this happen is nuts.

On his son’s (The Miz) journey from Tough Enough to WWE:

He wanted to go into wrestling and after getting 2nd on Tough Enough and that’s how he eventually got his contract with WWE. Every time I watched the show I was expecting Miz to get eliminated next. He lasted to the end with Daniel Puder and and got messed up but for him to last that long was quite an achievement. I never really thought he was the greatest wrestler but as of late he has really been shining. I’m very critical of him and he gets mad at me all the time for that.

On who his favorite wrestler is:

The Rock. Miz is not too fond of that. I met Rock at WrestleMania when he was the referee in a match between Miz and Cena. Miz got a serious concussion and went to the hospital but they told me he was going to be okay. The Rock was there and I asked him if he would take a picture with me. Miz got all upset at me because I was taking pictures with The Rock in his hospital room before he got checked out.

Check out the complete podcast here and let us know in the comments section below about what you think about George’s comments.

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