Asuka Kabuki
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Asuka Defines Kabuki, Matt Riddle Welcomes ‘Great Competition’

Asuka Defines Kabuki

Posting on Twitter after debuting the “Kabuki Warriors” tag team name to some controversy, Asuka took to the dictionary. While Kabuki is being seen by some fans as a generic Japanese term picked out of a hat by WWE, the definition given by Asuka below certainly does fit her wrestling persona. Paige has also defended the gimmick, saying that Asuka and partner Kairi Sane picked out the name for themselves.

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Matt Riddle Welcomes ‘Great Competition’

In the midst of AEW announcing a deal with TNT to air a weekly television program, at least one member of the NXT roster is excited about the future. Matt Riddle took to Twitter to say that we were entering into the “greatest era of wrestling” thanks to “great competition.” Whether AEW can provide that competition is yet to be seen, but signs are good that it will be a great effort at the very least.