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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

IMPACT Star Granted His Release, Lio Rush Removes WWE From Social Media Accounts

IMPACT Star Granted His Release

IMPACT Wrestling’s Gursinder Singh announced he has officially been granted his release from the company. Last month, Singh (aka Tony Cage) announced on social media that he had asked for a release from his contract; he joined IMPACT in January 2018 as part of the Desi Hit Squad stable.

Announcing to the world that I have officially been granted my release from Impact Wrestling. Looking forward to the future!

Lio Rush Removes WWE From Social Media Accounts

As the speculations surrounding Lio Rush continue to swirl, the wrestler has removed all mention of the WWE from his social media accounts. First noticed by SEScoops, Rush’s Twitter and Instagram both no longer haven mention of the WWE, and both accounts now point toward an email for all business inquiries.

While no one knows what this means, Rush has been absent from WWE television from several weeks now, and wasn’t working with anyone during the European tour the company just had. Of course, it’s unknown whether or not his changes have anything to do with the company, or is simply the result of Rush wanting something new on his social media accounts.

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