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Don Frye Talks Fighting Ken Shamrock & Wrestling Alongside Him

Don Frye recently joined The Hannibal TV to speak about his career and a multitude of other topics. While talking, Frye was asked about his history with Ken Shamrock, and what it was like to wrestle alongside the great, as well as what it was like to fight Shamrock in their well-known match.

From the start, Frye mentioned that prior to their fight, Frye had just taken pain medication for back pain that was caused from his wrestling days. “Ken impressed the hell out of me during that fight. My back had just started going bad before that fight, from the pro wrestling. So I made the mistake of taking an oxycodone, and when you do that it’s like you’re in water up to your neck…you’re moving slow, you can’t think,” he said. “So I shouldn’t have done that, I should’ve just waited the extra hour and taken it after the fight.”

While Frye regrets the issue, he did also discuss wrestling alongside Shamrock in a tag-team match with The Great Muta. “He and I were tag-teams against Muta and another fella, and it was pretty neat because I think after the match, he attacked me or I attacked him,” he said with a laugh. Frye went on to say that he thinks the fight against Shamrock was a turning point in both of their careers, but not for the better.

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