WWE Money In The Bank Results

Look Back At The Greatest Money In The Bank Matches, The Miz Challenges Samoa Joe

Look Back At The Greatest Money In The Bank Matches

With Money in the Bank fast approaching, the WWE shared a brand new video to their YouTube channel to showcase some of the greatest moments in Money in the Bank history. Tons of history is explored in nearly four-hour video, so there’s tons of footage for fans to check out as they get ready for Sunday’s event.


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The Miz Challenges Samoa Joe

During a live show in Hamburg, Germany, The Miz impressed the crowd by stepping out into the ring and giving out some of his best German. During the discussion of the special MizTV, the superstar challenged Samoa Joe to a match for the United States Championship. Using some classic reverse psychology, the Miz was able to get Samoa Joe to inadvertently accept the match, which fits perfectly with how the Miz operates.