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Mick Foley On His RAW Promo: ‘No One’s Fault But My Own’

Elijah Burke came to Mick Foley’s defense on Twitter after The Hardcore Legend received a tepid response on RAW last night when he unveiled the new 24/7 Title. Burke made note of Foley’s passion and sound delivery in the promo, and while Foley thanked his former IMPACT pal, Mick gave his points as to why the crowd response was lackluster, citing different expectations and just coming up short on impact.

Burke: Watched the 24/7 Title announcement w/ at least 3 times, can’t seem to figure out why the crowd boo’d. Mick’s promo was great, had passion & delivery was on point. Even got in the classic “cheap pop.” I wonder what made the crowd go sour?

Foley: Pope – I think the crowd was hoping for the return of the classic Hardcore Title. Thanks for the compliment, but I felt like I came up pretty short on that promo. No one’s fault but my own.

Fans however did come to Foley’s defense on the matter, saying how the crowd expectations played a major part and not so much on Mick’s handling of the matter.

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