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Shawn Spears On Plans For AEW & Double Or Nothing

Shawn Spears was the latest focus on Sports Illustrated‘s Justin Barrasso’s radar for a feature piece and in it, the man once known as Tye Dillinger talks of his upcoming debut in AEW during The Double Or Nothing Casino Battle Royale, his willingness to teach new talent and his relationship with friend Cody Rhodes. Quotes from the article are below:

Shawn Spears on why he decided to head to AEW:

“I’m coming to AEW because I believe in what they are doing,” said Spears. “I believe in providing an alternative for fans, and I really believe that the audience has wanted an alternative for quite some time. This is now the platform to give people exactly what they want, and I am really looking forward to proving myself in AEW.”

On his plan for AEW:

“My career has had its ups and downs, but I took the reins in the past few months,” said Spears. “Now I plan on taking a very specific, driven direction. And what better time than this Saturday at Double or Nothing to prove that to the world?”

On his veteran experience and friendship with Cody Rhodes:

“I’m able to bring a great deal of experience to a company that is looking to build young talent, which is vital to the future of professional wrestling,” said Spears. “I’ve known Cody [Rhodes] for a very long time, and in terms of this endeavor, there are no better four guys than Cody, the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega that I would trust to put this together.

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