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Val Venis Talks Working With Trish Stratus & Test

Val Venis recently sat down with The Hannibal TV to discuss his wrestling career, including all of the people that he worked with in the past. During one segment of the interview, Venis was asked about working with Trish Stratus, and how that pairing came about. According to Venis, working with the Hall of Famer was an absolute honor.

“Working with Trish was an honor,” Venis said. “I remember when Trish first came into WWE. She was a go-getter, she wanted to learn, she was willing to put in the time, and she did it, and she became one of the top female wrestlers in WWE history. The time that I spent with her was really incredible.”

Venis went on to discuss how Stratus always wanted to participate in things in the ring, but that there were times when her and Test would butt heads. “There were times when her and Test would butt heads, and that was always entertaining for me, because Test was his own man, and Trish was her own woman, and to watch those two butt heads was … they were like walking home entertainment centers … as far as walking with Trish, it was awesome.”

When asked what it was like working with Test, Venis admitted that the two had grown incredibly close, and that when he passed away, it was a “dark moment” for him. “It was one of those things, you don’t realize how hard something like that hits you, until it actually hits you,” he said. “That’s even hard to talk about today. Test was a big, healthy dude … those pills, they got him, what else can you say? The pills got him, just like they’ve gotten so many others.”

Needless to say, Venis’ relationship with Test was a close one, and the fact that he had to live through his friend passing must have been extremely rough for him. Thankfully, he’ll always have the great memories of the pair to think back on.

Check out the full clip below:

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