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Walmart Has Memory of Patrick Clark, nZo Calls Out Jake and Logan Paul

Walmart Has Memory of Patrick Clark

During a recent altercation on NXT, Velveteen Dream called Tyler Breeze a “Great Value” version of himself. After some confusion and clarification for International viewers on Twitter, superstore Walmart chimed in and put their support firmly behind “Prince Pretty.” It seems that Walmart has memories that the Dream does not.

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nZo Calls Out Jake and Logan Paul

Former WWE wrestler and ROH show interrupter nZo released a Twitter video challenging YouTube influencers Jake and Logan Paul to a fight. The former Enzo Amore mentions Nitro Circus as the venue, an action sports show and live event that has “shown interest” in him and partner CazXL.

Logan Paul, the YouTuber who once posted footage of a Japanese suicide victim online as a form of entertainment, responded to the “Certified G,” seemingly accepting the challenge.

nZo continued the conversation this morning, meaning that we could soon be seeing quite a spectacle occurring between these two controversial pairings.