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Jungle Boy Talks Performing In AEW After His Father’s Passing, Being Part Of History

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star Jungle Boy (real name Jack Perry) recently did an interview with TV Insider to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Jungle Boy discussed joining AEW and performing shortly after his father, actor Luke Perry’s, passing, being welcomed with open arms by the AEW family, and being part of history.

Here are the highlights:

Performing for AEW shortly after his father’s passing:

It’s good for me to keep busy. It’s bittersweet because I wish he could be here to see this. It’s really the first time for a lot of this stuff. I know he’d be proud. I feel like I learned a lot about how to take this all in from him.

My dad never really lost sight of who he was before he was successful. The thing I was always proud of about my dad was that he was just a really cool guy. He was always really nice to everyone that he met. To do that, would be the greatest thing I could do.

He used to watch with me growing up. He loved wrestling as a kid. It was something we can connect over. My dad’s favorite wrestler growing up with Dusty Rhodes, which is kind of cool the way it has worked out. My dad told me the only time he got starstruck was when he met Dusty Rhodes. I just think it’s really nice how it’s happened in this roundabout way for me to be here with AEW.

Being welcomed into the AEW family with open arms:

Ever since meeting these guys at AEW they’ve been there for me and supportive and helped me with whatever I needed. They’ve really welcomed me into their family. I’m really glad to have them…I’ve always wanted to do something big. I didn’t know what it would be growing up. Wrestling was really the first thing I fell in love with. Obviously, it was different than what my dad did. But in a way I think I am carrying on that legacy.

Being part of history:

It’s wild because this really is history in the making. It’s really cool to be a part of it, especially at the start of it all at AEW. I feel really lucky and blessed to be here in the right place and right time. I’m looking forward to growing with these guys.

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