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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Becky Lynch On Her Definition Of Success, Paving The Way For Her Legacy In Wrestling

Becky Lynch recently took part in a live interview with Cathy Kelley for WWE Now and talked about how she defines success and what she wants to be remembered for in professional wrestling.

On her busy schedule:

“That’s what I want to be doing. Any time I can get my message out to the people and let them know when I’m tired. I always say I don’t get tired, I get caffeine deficient. Just pour me a pot of coffee and I’ll be happy.”

Becky on having her mom at WrestleMania:

“Yes she was, but I don’t think she could watch the match. She’s too nervous, too scared of me getting hurt. She wants me to be safe. But she had a great time. I know for her, she didn’t want me doing this. She asked me to quit. I’m sure she thought I was mental. We had all these fights about me wrestling and what my plan was. It’s always hard to pinpoint a huge dream and say that’s what I want to do. Even if it’s never been done before, I’m going to be the one to do it. For her to be there to witness that was pretty special.”

What do you hope your legacy is?

“I’m working towards being the best of all time, that’s what I want. That’s what anybody who steps into this industry should want, but it’s specifically what I want. I’m paving the way right now.”

Do you have a definition of success?

“Success is being able to go out there and do what I do every single night. Defend the championship, fight for a championship, that’s a success. I feel like I’m a successful person and happiness comes from that. That’s a lot of people’s goal nowadays, being happy. That’s just an emotion, that’s fleeting. You gotta chase the things that mean something to you. For me, that’s defending this title. It’s making this business the coolest thing on TV. It’s making my matches must-see. And that feels purposeful, that is more important than happiness. Having a purpose and going after that. You’re not always going to be happy, you’re going to be miserable a lot of the time, but it’s going to have meaning. It’s going to have a greater purpose than just being happy and enjoying yourself. It might inspire somebody or change the course of history. To me, that’s what’s important.”

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