WWE RAW spoilers

WWE RAW Results (6/8/19)

WWE RAW Results

WWE RAW Results 

June 8, 2019

Report by Colin Tessier for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: Universal Champion Seth Rollins

Universal Champion Seth Rollins comes to the ring and talks about his triumph at Super ShowDown. He says it felt good hitting Brock Lesnar with a chair again and again. Baron Corbin comes to the ring. He vows to beat Rollins at Stomping Grounds and says he’s going to pick a special referee for the match. Rollins wonders who the referee will be because nobody likes Corbin. Sami Zayn walks onto the stage and says he’s Team Corbin. He says he cares about Rollins as a person and being Universal Champion isn’t good for him.  Kevin Owens walks to the stage and says he has Sami Zayn’s back; he also agrees that Corbin would be a better Universal Champion than Rollins. Owens says he doesn’t appreciate the way Rollins is talking to Zayn. Rollins challenges Owens to fight him and Owens seems willing to.

Rollins challenges him to a match in the match in the main event and stares Owens down.

Lars Sullivan vs. Lucha House Party (elimination match)

Kalisto starts off against Sullivan and puts up a brief fight before Sullivan pins him after a slam. Lince Dorado doesn’t fare much better; he gets caught after a springboard attack and gets pinned with a running powerbomb. Gran Metalik kicks away at Sullivan but he gets thrown across the ring. Sullivan throws Kalisto onto the stairs. He pins Metalik after another slam but stops it before the three count. He throws Dorado into the ring pos and  nails a diving headbutt on Metalik for the win.

Winner: Lars Sullivan

Backstage, R-Truth and Carmella run away from other 24/7 challengers. They all cram into an elevator but some of them get left behind. EC2 laughs when the elevator gets stuck.

Backstage, Lacey Evans and Becky Lynch get ready for their interview.

Backstage Segmment: Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans

Lynch says she can’t let someone like Evans be the template for the women’s division. Evans says she won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Lynch says she’s angry and she made history the last time she got angry. She says she’s relentless. Evans sarcastically calls Lynch’s words a great speech. She says fear drives Lynch; she can smell the fear on her and it’s nasty. Evans says that fear will come true at Stomping Grounds because she’ll take her title.

Backstage, Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss talk about their recent successes. Bliss says she knows who the real Bayley is; she made Alexa feel like she didn’t belong in WWE. She says she’s Nikki’s friend and Nikki says she’s used to being left on the outside. She says she’ll be in the corner for Alexa’s match.

Miz TV with Samoa Joe

The Miz kicks off the show and introduces Samoa Joe as the new United States Champion. Joe says there’s nothing new about his championship; Rey Mysterio stole it. Miz challenges Joe on his claim that he won the title back. He plays a video package that recaps how Joe regained the title. Miz says Rey did the right thing but wonders why Joe attacked him. Miz says involving another man’s family crosses a line. Joe says there’s no such thing as going too far. He says maybe he should talk about Miz’s family. Braun Strowman comes to the ring and says he’ll challenge Joe with “these hands.” Bobby Lashley comes to the ring and says he’s not done with Braun. He says he has history with Joe and he deserves a shot at the US title.

Ricochet comes to the ring, too. He says it’s not about being bigger or stronger and gets ready to challenge Joe when Cesaro attacks him. All the superstars start vbrawling. Strowman, Ricochet and Miz clear the ring.

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