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Seth Rollins Talks His Goodbye To Jon Moxley & The Potential Of Facing Kurt Angle

While in Saudi Arabia for WWE Super ShowDown two Fridays ago, Seth Rollins did an interview with Arabic wrestling website and the WWE Universal Champion touched upon several interesting topics including Kurt Angle’s desire to face him and giving the details behind saying goodbye to his Shield brother, Jon Moxley. Quotes from the conversation are below:

Seth Rollins on the Game of Thrones ending:

“Oh …. Game Of Thrones was great .. I am so sad to see it ends , but I thinks it ended up characteristically and I was happy with the last season, so I am not one of those people who were complaining and grouser, It was great series and I happy to watched it and ending it as they wanted it to end … so it was wonderful. “

On if there’s any fear of NXT having more relevant content than the current WWE product:

“No , there is not any fear .. they provide a different section than we do every Monday and Tuesday .. they do not do it as much as we do and I will confirm that my special matches are the same as the special matches in the NXT shows , so I do not think there is anyone scare me. There are a lot of superstars who I want face them and I think we will have wonderful matches. but in the end .. do not care who are you or for any company do you wrestle , I am the Universal champion .. I am the best wrestler on the planet and they have to come forward to me .. and not in any other way!”

On who from NXT would he like to face in the future:

“Oh man ! There are a lot of superstars there recently. There is NXT Champion Adam Cole , I have not face it before and there is Johnny Gargano , Has improved a lot since our last game together, which was about 10 years ago … There are Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly … and Matt Riddle .. a person I have not wrestled with before, so there are a lot of interesting matches , also there is Velveteen Dream .. a guy I have not been with in the ring before .. so I’m definitely looking forward to hoping to step up these boys and get matches like this.

On Kurt Angle’s desire to face him in the ring:

“As you know, this is complicated thing because I do not know the status of Kurt career in the future .. I will try to serve him next Friday when I defeat Baron Corbin, And of course Corbin is the person who defeated him in his last match in “WrestleMania 35″, so if Kurt returns from retirement I will love and have the honor to join the ring with him!”

On saying goodbye to Jon Moxley:

“He gave me a big hug !! And he said to me: “I love you, my brother! .. It’s not farewell I’ll see you sometime ” .. so .. we will always unite and wish him success .. you did not see the last thing between us and I’m sure that at some point at the end of the road we will put our “fist” together some time .. I can not say when … I can not say for sure … but I have that feeling inside me that we will unite again to be together forever. “

On the possibility of a Shield reunion down the road:

“Yes, no one knows. As I said to you, you never rule out … always. I have that feeling inside me that we have not seen the end between me and Dean Ambrose.”

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