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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Mike Kalasnik

Colt Cabana Once Tried To Take Over Sunday Night Heat, A History of WWE’s Tug-of-Wars (Video)

Colt Cabana Once Tried To Takeover Sunday Night Heat

Colt Cabana recently shared on Twitter that he once pitched WWE on becoming the GM of Sunday Night Heat. This was during his run as Scotty Goldman, the little-seen persona that appeared on SmackDown occasionally. Heat was only on at the time, and Colt stated that a writer tried to dissuade him. The emails that resulted were pure Colt Cabana.

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A History of WWE’s Tug-of-Wars

On the latest episode of WWE Playlist, the company collects its catalog of Tug-of-War encounters. While not traditional wrestling matches, these contests generally do end in brutal fashion for at least one of their participants.