The Deaners On Facing Legit Competition, Getting Noticed In IMPACT Wrestling’s Tag Team Division

The Deaners (Cody and Jake) were recent guests on IMPACT Wrestling‘s Press Pass media call, and I had the chance to ask the duo about the new look of the IMPACT tag team division. A lot of changes have taken place since Cody first worked in the company ten years ago, and they both say it’s exciting because there are a lot of hungry and legitimate competitors they want to step in the ring with. Adding to that, Cody said while their ultimate goal is the IMPACT Tag Team Championship, they want to earn a shot at the gold and aren’t looking to be handed anything.

Cody –  “Like you said, the landscape is totally different than when I was in previously. Every single team I’m looking forward to getting mixed up with and getting in and given’er with, but I’ll let Jake answer. I’ve had some talks with Jake about who we want to mix it up with, so I’ll let Jake chime in here. I’ll shut my yap here for an actual minute and let Jake answer.” [laughs]

Jake – “The tag division is stacked and it’s so exciting. As soon as we came in we started seeing all of the other teams that are coming in—The North, The Rascalz are killing it now too, even Desi Hit Squad, as much as I hate them, I have an appreciation for their work. I feel like the IMPACT roster in general is the most packed roster you can see, but the tag division is top notch and I want it to go as far as it can go. I want those tag straps.”

Cody – “I agree, Jake. It’s actual, legit competition right now. You’ve got a lot of tag teams that want to get noticed, myself and Jake are at the top of that list of guys that want to get noticed. I know me and Jake have had a lot of fans tweeting at us and messaging us, saying ‘give these guys the straps’ and me and Jake have both said to those fans that we don’t want to be given anything. We want to earn it, so we’re here to earn our spot and earn our keep here at IMPACT Wrestling and move our way up in the tag team division. Our goal is, absolutely to get a shot— earn a shot—at the IMPACT Tag Team Championship.”

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