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Paige Reveals Recent Interaction With Vince McMahon, Frustration Over Kabuki Warriors Not Being Used

WWE star Paige was recently interviewed by The Sun to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Paige discussed her recent interaction with Vince McMahon and expressed her frustration over herself and The Kabuki Warriors not being used as of late.

Here are the highlights:

Her recent interaction with Vince McMahon:

I don’t know what Vince’s reaction to it [Fighting With My Family] was. But if you get a big hug from Vince McMahon you’re doing well. I saw him last week and he gave me a big hug and said, ‘I’m very happy for you.’ I don’t know it that’s about the movie or the fact that I’m healthy. I think he probably liked it if he did watch it.

The Kabuki Warriors not being used:

If we don’t get used I get really frustrated because we’re a good tag team and we need to be utilized. Sometimes the writers have so much on their plate with everyone else’s storylines, they put things on the backburner. I have to remind them, ‘Ok, but there is a women’s tag team title… I’m like, ‘What the hell dudes? Let’s make something happen.’

It frustrates me but once you actually get to speak with Vince and Hunter about your problems and frustrations, they’re always the first to say, ‘Let’s change this.’ If you go up to writers it’s like talking to a brick wall sometimes, whereas if you go to Vince and Hunter they’re like, ‘If you have a problem we can change that for you.’

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