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Moose Tells Brian Cage To Focus, Sami Callihan Challenges Jon Moxley

Moose Tells Brian Cage To Focus

While Brian Cage is busy making comparisons between himself and AEW’s Kenny Omega, Moose has made sure that his focus remains on IMPACT with the following message on social media.

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Sami Callihan Challenges Jon Moxley

Two of the craziest performers in professional wrestling today are Sami Callihan and Jon Moxley, and you won’t find too many folks who would disagree with that. As a result, the fact that the match is now a distinct possibility after Moxley’s exit from WWE is a source of great intrigue for many fans – including Callihan himself.

Callihan had sent out a tweet yesterday indicating there can only be one Switchblade, essentially challenging Moxley to a match. Ever since then, however, for some reason, Sami decided to remove the tweet. Back in the day, Sami and Jon were a tag team by the name of Switchblade Conspiracy.

“This has been years coming.

How about @JonMoxley and myself finally see who the better Switchblade finally is.

— The DRAW (@TheSamiCallihan) July 1, 2019