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NBA Star Enes Kanter Executes A Crisp Diamond Cutter, AEW Fyter Fest Recap Video

NBA Star Enes Kanter Executes A Crisp Diamond Cutter

Self-high five turned to self-slam dunk. It’s been no secret that Enes Kanter is a big time wrestling fan and has aspirations to get in the squared circle after his time on the NBA court comes to a close. That aspiration came to a visible reality as the Portland hoops star (complete with face-paint and “Turkish Delight” moniker) blazed a trail inside the ropes by delivering a rock solid Diamond Cutter to a fellow face-painted foe. A clip of him feeling the bang is below.

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AEW Fyter Fest Recap Video

There certainly is a lot to comb through of AEW Fyter Fest this past weekend and the All Elite Wrestling YouTube channel shared a compiled recap video of all the events that unfolded at the company’s second ever show.