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Kenta On Potentially Facing Jon Moxley, Competing In His First G1 Tournament

Kenta, the former Hideo Itami in NXT, is back in Japan and looking ahead to his first entry into the prestigious G1 Tournament. In an interview with NJPW, he said what he’s ready for the grueling month of action. “I haven’t been in that environment for a while now. I wouldn’t say I’m concerned, but a part of me is wondering about how it’ll go.” Since Kenta has been away for so long, he’ll have lots of fresh opponents. “I’ve been away from Japan for five years now. Everything is different now. The wrestlers themselves are different, and this whole business is different. I’m really not equipped to talk about a lot of the scene now.”

Out of all his potential opponents in the tournament, Jon Moxley seems like a high priority. He said that WWE’s “‘Dean Ambrose versus Hideo Itami’ wouldn’t be a thing to write home about”, but he “would really like to face him as KENTA.” It won’t be a friendly bout either. “I want to kick his ass.”

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