Deep Impact Results

Deep Impact Results (7/6/19)


July 6, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for

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Jordynne Grace vs. Alex Gracia

Grace shakes Gracia’s hand as the bell rings. Grace tosses Gracia to the other side of the ring. Gracia and Grace lock up. Grace launches Gracia again. Gracia responds with multiple pin attempts. Gracia lands a few dropkicks. Gracia hits the ropes and runs right into a pounce by Grace. Grace electric chair drop facebusters Gracia onto the ring apron. Gracia kicks out. Grace drops Gracia with a delayed jackhammer. Grace swings Gracia for another near fall. Gracia counters the Grace Driver. Gracia goes up top.

Gracia catches Grace with a crossbody off the top. Grace surprises Gracia with a spinebuster. Gracia somehow manages to kick out. Gracia blasts Grace with a shining wizard. Grace kicks out at two. Gracia locks Grace in the Pinkdream submission. Grace lifts Gracia in the air and powerbombs her for another long two count. Gracia knees Grace in the face. Gracia fires up and beats Grace into the corner. Gracia charges in for a back elbow but Grace catches Gracia. Grace drops Gracia with the Grace Driver for the win.

Winner- Jordynne Grace

Impact 1 ROW- 0

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