Impact Slammiversary XXVI Results

IMPACT Slammiversary XXVI Results (7/7/19)

IMPACT Slammiversary XXVI Results

July 7, 2019

Report By Lovell Porter for

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TJP vs. Trey Miguel vs. Willie Mack vs. Jake Crist

Trey and TJP double superkick Crist. TJP head spin takeovers Trey. Mack lands a few chops. Trey sends Mack out of the ring. Trey does a springboard arm drag on TJP. Mack blasts Trey with a nasty chop. Mack Samoan drops TJP, then follows that with a standing moonsault. Crist breaks up the pin. The crowd showers Crist with boos. TJP locks Crist in a  standing Indian deathlock. TJP grabs Mack in a front chancery. Trey neck breakers TJP, which forces him to DDT Mack at the same time. TJP puts bot Trey and Crist in an abdominal stretch. Mack blasts TJP in the back of the head.

Wrecking ball dropkick by TJP to Mack. Crist hits a diving  DDT to the outside to Mack. Trey takes everyone out with a diving corkscrew splash. Crist and Mack battle on the top rope. TJP puts Trey in a surfboard stretch. Crist tries to pin TJP while he has Trey locked in the hold. Mack dives off the top and hits a double foot stomp. Crist powerslam Trey into the corner for a near fall. Crist destroys Mack with a DVD. TJP breaks up the pin. TJP puts Crist in the heel hook/figure four. Trey leaps off the top rope and drops both knees into TJP’s head. Crist drops Trey with a super cutter. Mack surprises Crist with the Six Star Frog splash for the win!

Winner – Willie Mack

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