johnny impact
Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Update On The Futures Of LAX And John Morrison

Thanks to a report published in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, we know a bit more about where two wrestling free agents may end up in the near future. First off, recent IMPACT standouts LAX have been courted by both WWE and AEW in recent months. Their contracts with Impact last for another month or so, but there are some in WWE who believe they’ll be joining the company come September. Other sources closer to the duo say that they’re leaning towards AEW, which may make more sense considering their stated focus on tag team wrestling. Either way, you shouldn’t expect them to be off TV for long.

One act who may not be on a show regularly in the near future is the former John Morrison. Most recently known as Jonny Impact, Morrison is said to be attempting to primarily become an actor. He views wrestling as a side gig to pay the bills while he attempts to pursue his desired career. This would lean him more towards AEW, which will seemingly have a much more forgiving schedule than WWE’s constant touring. However, sources tell the Observer that Morrison is bypassing both big names entirely. Whether that means an end to wrestling for now for Johnny, limited independent bookings or even a run in MLW remains to be seen.

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