Impact Wrestling Results

Impact Wrestling Results (7/12/19)

Impact Wrestling Results

July 12, 2019

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Highlights from Slammiversary XXVI are shown.

After their match, RVD says he may have underestimated Moose. In another location, Moose says he used to think RVD was one of the best wrestlers in the world. No Moose knows that isn’t true. The ECW wrestlers are taking away his shine. Moose can’t have that.

Eddie Edwards says he and Killer Kross pushed it to the limit. Edwards has respect for Kross now. Kross says he always knew. He knew it before Edwards knew it. Edwards is just like Kross.

The Impact War Room

Josh Matthews and Don Callis explain this is where they meet after each PPV. Their guest is Jimmy Jacobs. When asked his thoughts on the Monster’s Ball match. Jacobs says he saw four Knockouts who controlled the Chaos.

Father James Mitchell explains the Monster’s Ball Match. Taya Valkyrie says Rosemary is just a pawn in her game. Mitchell says the worst thing about tonight is that Su Yung is missing. She has gone AWOL.

Back in the War Room, D’Lo Brown talks to Callis and Matthews about the triple threat tag team match. Brown notes how the match being made a triple threat match totally changed the match for LAX and the Rascalz. It’s impossible to prepare in this situation. At the end of the day, you have to just throw caution to the win and throw down.

After their match, Josh Alexander and Ethan Page make fun of Santana for getting hurt. Dez and Wentz say all of this losing has to end. They have to figure this out. Konnan says when Santana is out of the hospital they are going to put the North in the hospital.


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