EVOLVE 10th Anniversary Results And Coverage – Two Title Changes, Paul Heyman & Johnny Gargano Appear

EVOLVE 10th Anniversary Results – July 13, 2019 


Josh Briggs vs. Anthony Greene (w/ Brandi Lauren)

Briggs hiptosses Greene and hits a backbreaker, then whips him at the ropes but Greene comes back with a hurricanrana. Briggs comes right back with another backbreaker for two, then Greene rolls outside to avoid a chokeslam before getting caught with a big boot. Brandi distracts Briggs long enough for Greene to superkick him on the apron, then Greene dives to the floor but Briggs catches him by the throat and slams him on the ring apron. Greene rolls Briggs back in and works him over in the corner, then Brandi smacks Briggs behind the ref’s back and Greene gets a two count pin attempt.

Briggs makes a charge at Greene and gets caught with a slam for two, then the crowd chants ‘Retro sucks’ at Greene and Briggs comes back with a release suplex. Briggs throws an elbow and hits the ropes a few times, then he connects with a lariat and a corner elbow strike. Briggs hits the ropes and runs into a big boot, but Briggs comes right back, cracking Greene with three kicks to the head and two backbreakers for a near fall. Briggs hits another big boot and a sitout slam for two, then Greene hits two step-up enziguiris and follows with a single-leg crab in the center of the ring. Greene connects with another enziguiri and heads up top, then Brandi grabs Briggs’ boot and the ref finally ejects her from ringside. She argues with the ref as Greene hits a Victory Roll from the top, but he only gets two and immediately hits two superkicks. He goes for a third but Briggs blocks it and hits Go To Hell, then goes for one more but Greene floats over and goes for another single-leg Crab. Briggs blocks it and they trade some shots, then Briggs hits a M6 (chokeslam into a powerbomb) for the win.

Winner – Josh Briggs

Fatal 4-Way Match

Curt Stallion vs. Sean Maluta vs. Stephen Wolf vs. Harlem Bravado

Maluta goes after Stallion early and Wolf hits a topé con hilo into the entrance way before Maluta hits a somersault from the turnbuckles to the floor. Stallion goes for a pin attempt when they get back in, then Maluta chops him a few times and hits the ropes. Bravado dumps him outside and hits Wolf with a belly-to-back suplex, then takes him in the corner and chops him a few times. Maluta gets back in and gets a near fall before he and Wolf collide after a crossbody attempt, then Bravado hits a Death Valley driver but Wolf wisely rolls outside. Maluta hits a neckbreaker and a Codebreaker on Stallion, then Wolf gets back in and ducks a roundhouse kick before catching Maluta with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Wolf heads up top, but Bravado crotches him on the ropes and Maluta attempts to climb back up but Stallion suplexes him off. Bravado comes back with an elevated underhook facebuster, but Wolf catches him with a Shooting Star Press for the win.

Winner – Stephen Wolf

Anthony Henry vs. Arturo Ruas

Ruas charges the corner and throws some body punches and tries to hook in an arm submission before he throws a kick at Henry’s legs. Henry takes him down and goes for his own armbar, then Henry ends up getting busted open but it’s not a distraction as he’s able to connect with a spin kick. Henry connects with a Northern Lights suplex and goes for a submission, but Ruas blocks and goes for a rollup. Henry kicks out and Ruas heads outside, but Henry dives on him and connects with a few kicks to the head once they head back inside. Ruas gains the upper hand as they climb the turnbuckles, then Henry blocks a tornado DDT and connects with one of his own, followed by a double stomp for two. Henry applies an ankle lock, then Ruas fights out but Henry throws a few shots, but Ruas surprises him with a high roundhouse kick for the win.

Winner – Arturo Ruas