Impact Wrestling Results

Impact Wrestling Results (7/19/19)

Impact Wrestling Results

July 19, 2019

Report By Lovell Porter for

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The Mash-Up Tournament begins tonight. The winning team will face each other and whoever wins will get a shot at the Impact World Championship.

Moose and Eddie Edwards vs. Rohit Raju  and Cody Deaner

Raju tags in Cody, since he doesn’t want to fight Moose. Cody lands a few right hands. Edwards tags in and eats a few rights from Cody as well. Edwards belly-to-belly suplexes Cody and Raju. Raju rakes Edwards eyes to take control. Moose saves Edwards from a double suplex. Moose gets in Edwards’ face. Moose tosses Edwards into Cody. Edwards hops on Moose’s back. The tandem both senton drop Raju. Raju and Cody get into it over Raju snatching Cody’s hat. Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party for the win.

Winners- Moose

After the match the Desi Hit Squad attacks Cody.

Backstage, Edwards and Moose are both hype. They quickly realize they hate each other and separate.

Rich Swann and Madman Fulton vs. Wentz and Jake Crist

Wentz lands a few leg kicks but Fulton shrugs them off. Wentz tries a springboard splash. Fulton shrugs that off too. Swann tags in. Wentz and Swann trade pin attempts. before the break. Wentz locks Swann in the last chancery. Swann escapes. Wentz tries a springboard. Swann avoids Wentz and counters with the handspring stunner. Swann drops Jake with the same move. Fulton runs into the ring before Swann can tag him. Jake tells Fulton to attack Swann. Fulton chokeslams Swann twice. Jake hits a fisherman’s buster for the win.

Winners- Wentz and Jake Crist

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