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Randy Orton Wants To Put Smiles On Faces In A Match With Will Ospreay; Viper Not Included In The RAW Reunion

Typically the only time we see Randy Orton smile on WWE programming, it’s after he’s done something sadistic. However, Will Ospreay‘s recent Tweet had to garner a genuine grin from The Viper.

Ospreay put an inspirational quote up on Twitter and Orton, (who’s always on point with the Twitter humor), laid in a zinger before making a post that was sure to raise a few eyebrows across the big blue birdhouse. Orton pitched a potential match with Ospreay, marking the goal month and year to be June of 2020. Ospreay responded in kind with “unfortunately my friend I’m here for the long run. I mean you’re like a multi time champ, could you just leave for a bit come here for #OspreayVsOrton then go back…just saying.”

This got the gears turning for Orton who came with a prospective idea to remedy the situation and also revealed that he isn’t included on the list of names for the RAW Reunion. The full Twitter exchange is below:



Would you like to see Orton vs. Ospreay in a match? Do you think it should happen down the road? Sound off in the comments below.

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