WWE RAW Results

WWE RAW Results (7/22/19)


July 22, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: John Cena

Cena says all he had to do was be part of the Raw Reunion for the WWE Universe would finally be nice to him. Cena runs down the list of legends that will be on the show tonight. Cena says WWE is his home. Cena starts to get emotional. Cena says let’s get the show on the road. The Usos interrupt and say they want the Dr. of Thuganomics. Jey says Cena left them for the movies. Cena turns around and asks them what it was like being arrested. Cena tries to leave but Jimmy and Jey say he can’t leave because Their dad Rikishi is here. Rikishi joins them in the ring. Cena tries to leave again. Rikishi tells Cena to back that ass up and turn back around. Rikishi, the Usos, and Cena are about to dance. Dawson and Wilder interrupt. D-Von Dudley joins them.

Backstage, Jimmy Hart and Hulk Hogan are talking. Hogan is ready for some action tonight.

Booker T joins the announce desk.

The Revival w/D-Von Dudley vs. The Usos w/Rikishi

Back body drop by Jey. Jimmy tags in and splashes Dawson in the corner. Dawson stun guns Jey on the top rope. Dawson and Wilder take turns working over Jey. Jey manages to tag in Jimmy. Jimmy Samoan drops Wilder. Jimmy hip attacks Wilder in the corner. Dawson pulls Wilder out of the way of a kick by Jimmy. The Revival hit a combo German suplex/European uppercut. Jey breaks up the pin. D-Von and Rikishi get in each other’s face. Dawson gets distracted long enough for Jimmy to superkick him. Jey hits a Superfly splash for the win.

Winners- The Usos

Backstage, Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke, Torri Wilson, Caitlyn, Santino all commiserate. Drew McIntyre walks in and shakes his head.

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