Rhea Ripley
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Mark Henry On Rhea Ripley’s Look: ‘You Don’t Ever Have To Defend Yourself Against These Trolls’

On the latest edition of Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry spoke out against “trolls” online who described NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley as manly. After defending her online, Mark Henry saw Ripley at RAW Reunion. While Rhea thanked Mark Henry for defending her, he had this to say.

You don’t ever have to defend yourself against these trolls. Please. Just know that other men like me who understand what physically it takes to have muscles like yours. They’ll never understand, you’re wasting your breath. They’ll never understand what it takes to work so hard and these dimwits that never been to a gym before. If that’s who it is, just everything that you can think of that would be who knows nothing about work is making that statement.

Going forward, disregard everyone who makes these comments about women, because very likely they’ve never been with one.

Rhea Ripley took to Twitter to share the podcast clip and post that you should “never be afraid to be yourself.”

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