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John Hennigan Having Stem Cell Procedure For Nagging Injuries, WWE’s Most Memorable Female Guest Referees

John Hennigan Having Stem Cell Procedure

John Hennigan, aka Johnny Impact, posted the following on Instagram, revealing he’s headed to South America to have an advanced stem cell treatment done to treat some injuries that have built up over his career.

I’m excited to head to Medellin, Colombia, South America to receive according to my research safe and extremely advanced stem cell treatment for nagging injuries incurred over the last 18 years of making towns, bumping & feeding, & taking dudes to Slamtown orthopedic injury to traumatic brain injury, to rare auto immune disease, If you want to become a #bioXmen or #bioXwomen, reach out to BioXcellerator and ask for my good friend David Truitt- he knows what’s what regarding stem cell treatment David guided me through my consultation with care and passion & if you’re interested in stem cells he’ll do the same for you- direct message him on his personal instagram page @iowahawksfan06 with questions or to get started Tell him I sent you! —————————————————————————

Hennigan didn’t say when he’d be leaving to have the procedure done; he’s still advertised for some upcoming live event appearances, including Beyond’s Americanrana event tonight where he will face off (as Johnny Foxwoods) against EVOLVE’s Josh Woods. Hennigan had been a regular fixture on IMPACT Wrestling TV the past few years, but he hasn’t been seen on their programming since Slammiversary and reportedly became a free agent following the show.

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