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MJF On Memorable Fan Interactions, Shawn Spears, Cody Rhodes And More

Maxwell Jacob Friedman (also known as MJF,) one of the fastest rising stars in professional wrestling, was a guest on the latest episode of Talk Is Jericho. The episode, appropriately titled, “A 60 Minute Promo From MJF,” features MJF talking about his wrestling career in the same character he’s become famous for. Here are some highlights.

On his trip to Mexico:

“I’m done with my promo, I finish the match, five stars, duh, I’m sure Meltzer’s somewhere touching himself, whatever. I exit the ring, I’m ready to go out through the curtain. A fan decides to start jaw jacking at me, don’t appreciate that, get in his face a little bit. And, out of nowhere, some beer gets thrown on me. But the beer’s warm, really warm. And it smells. And then I realize it was not beer. It was urine. At that point, I ran to the back, “What the…” you know, every expletive you could think of, tried to find a shower, found one and a guy walked up to me and I’m not gonna name who the tiny little man was but he ran up to me and said, “MJF, great, that was great,” and I’m like, “Yeah, was it great? Because piss got thrown on me, that was great. So am I getting a bonus? What’s going on here?” And he was like, “Nah, that didn’t happen.” I’m like, “No, seriously, piss was thrown on me.” And he was like, “Woah, it’s been a long time since that happened.”

On other memorable fan interactions:

“I’ve had some scary stuff happen to me after shows. One time, there was a guy waiting by my car with a blade and he was drunk. Very drunk. And I was like, “Alright, we’ll see where this goes. I refuse to cave to this guy because he was a white trash hick and I was in Kentucky and I wasn’t willing to lose to someone who has as many teeth as they do brain cells. I think I counted like, I don’t know, five. So I pull out my car’s key, put it though my hand, like my middle finger…. So once I did that, the guy looked at me, he goes, “You’re not worthy, scarf boy,” and he just left and I was like, “Alright, sweet, at least I’m not going to jail tonight.”

On Cody Rhodes and Shawn Spears:

“He’s a scumbag. Him and Cody, my mentor, my best friend, the Rolle-Codester, the Kingda Cross Rhodes, Cody Rhodes, don’t know if you ever heard of him, Chris…. He decided, after years of friendship with one of the greatest men to ever live, to just waffle him in the head with a chair. First of all, no one should be laying a finger on that man. He is a saint. Second of all, why? Why, Shawn? I just wanna know. Why would you do that to somebody who treated you with nothing but respect [and] got you a job. You have a job, you’re getting paid now because of him. You no longer have scrounge on the shindies and the indies. You now are getting paid money because Cody Rhodes, out of the kindness of his heart, decided to give you, a complete jabroni, a job. He didn’t have to do that, Chris. He didn’t have to do that at all. And I just can’t wrap my head around it.”

“I had to watch my best friend just…he was bleeding into my hand, I was holding this man, cradling him. And, you know, “Your best friend’s here, Cody, it’s gonna be okay. And his blood was just everywhere. And it’s…how do you do that? How are you that much of an awful human being that you’re willing to turn on somebody who you claimed you loved and cared about. Sickening.”

The full episode is available on Spotify, Westwood One and other podcast services.


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