Lio Rush
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Lio Rush On Promos Helping With His Confidence, ‘That’ Infamous No-Sell Spot In CZW

Lio Rush recently spoke with Gary Cassidy for Sportskeeda Wrestling while promoting his new single “Scenic Lullaby”. Rush talked about his promos giving him the power to speak in front of crowds, and now he says not only do people look forward to what he says, but it also gave him confidence to write music as well.

“I feel like the promos helped with my confidence. That was something that I never felt I’d be able to do, was speak in front of a crowd like that and have such an impact when I speak or say anything, and have people wanting to see me talk – literally put up a microphone to my face and people are like, ‘What is he going to say?’

Having that power helped me so much in music and being able to write, and having that confidence that when I put something out, people will listen.”

Before Rush signed with WWE, he was a standout on the indy scene and made his name in companies like MCW and CZW. In regards to the latter, Rush infamously no-sold a powerbomb from Joey Janela off of a ladder and through a table. Rush said they actually talked about the spot beforehand, noting a faulty table caused them to change things up. Rush said Janela actually called the spot in the ring, but he got some heat because he was the one that popped up after taking the move.

“That story is so crazy! I know it’s been covered by Joey [Janela] before, and that entire spot was not supposed to happen like that! This was me and Joey’s fourth or fifth match in CZW after a long feud, and this was the blow-off right before I went to WWE.

The spot was supposed to be a powerbomb off the second rope through a table. That was it. I wasn’t supposed to get up, I wasn’t supposed to do anything. I remember messing with the table in the ring and both the legs were broken, like the screws were gone. I told Joey in the ring, ‘Hey, man, if we move this table,’ because it was already set up, ‘it’s gonna break. Wherever we are right now, let’s just think of something so that we can do the table spot successfully without having to get a, ‘You f***ed up” chant’.”

We saw the table was positioned in front of the ladder and thought, ‘Okay, let’s just do something off the ladder.’ I remember him telling me to climb up the ladder and telling me, ‘I’m going to powerbomb you off the ladder, I want you to stand up.’ I was like, ‘Uh, okay,’ so it was actually Joey’s idea, but I got the backlash because I was the one who stood up. It was pretty crazy.”

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