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Cody Rhodes Calls AEW’s DC Sellout An Honest Shock, Talks About His Father’s ‘Eye For The Sizzle’

Cody Rhodes recently spoke with Bill Apter on The Apter Chat about his new book, Cody: Heart Of The Mountain as well as a number of wrestling related topics.

Cody spoke about All Elite Wrestling’s first TNT show selling out, which he called an “honest shock.” Cody previously explained why they chose Washington, D.C. for their first show, and told Apter that feeling keeps happening with each step forward for the promotion.

“Yeah, I think it selling out, it was an honest shock to me. I thought it would do well but we were so focused on the content of the show itself and Washington D.C., the nation’s capital, it’s just serendipity man. And it keeps happening. And the only way it’s going to keep happening after the fact is if we keep putting out the best bell to bell matches that we can. People may tune in and expect something different, as far as AEW is confirmed, expect that alternative, and they’ll get that. But they’ll also get something they’ve been familiar for a long time, and that’s bell to bell pro wrestling at its best because of the roster we have. And that’s the best thing we can give them. There’s a hundred hooks and gimmicks, and all of that in this world of sports entertainment and show business, but the stories you can tell in the ring, they’re the most sophisticated stories on earth if you want them to be, and I’m excited to do that.”

Cody’s match against Sammy Guevara was the first one announced, and he also added that they’ll most likely work the first match of the night because it makes sense from a logistics and production standpoint. He went on to talk about the time since his father’s passing, noting how much has changed since he died. Cody said his Dad had his finger on the pulse, but thinks enough has happened in the business where it might be a rare chance to leave him speechless.

“I couldn’t even—I couldn’t even fathom. I couldn’t even fathom, because—I think a lot about, Bill, what I would tell him if I had to say, if I had a few minutes to say like, ‘Hey, this is all the stuff that has happened since 2015.’ And I don’t know if I’d be able to catch him up in any way. I know that he was a big fan of all things wrestling, and not always the things that his generation were fans of. He had kind of an eye for the sizzle—well, not kind of an eye, he had a big eye for the sizzle. I think this may be a rare time when Dusty may have been, dare I say, speechless over something that is going on.”

Cody also speaks with Apter about his new children’s book, All Out, his brother Dustin, his father Dusty, and the last season of Arrow and more. Check out the full interview below.

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