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Shane Taylor On The Next Stepping Stone At Summer Supercard, Still Not Getting Respect From Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor World Television Champion Shane Taylor recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Bill Pritchard ahead of his title defense against Tracy Williams at Summer Supercard this weekend in Toronto. Williams earned his title match by winning a four-way Proving Ground match that Taylor was involved in, but he did not take the pin. Taylor was asked if Williams holds any sort of advantage because he has a win on paper against the champion, but Taylor says Williams is just the next in line to be defeated by him.

“What advantage is that? He’s walking into Summer SuperCard a challenger, correct? Not a champion, he didn’t pin me in that four-way, like you said. There is no advantage that Tracy Williams walks into that ring with in Toronto. For me, that Proving Ground match was a chance for me to look at three Contenders. Tracy is one of the best technical wrestlers in the world, easily top 5 if you ask around. 

So what I wanted to do is give all three of them, Tracy, Silas, and Woods just a taste of what it’s like to be in the ring with me. Tracy came out the winner of the match, he decided to hold my title up as some sort of symbolic gesture that he’s walking out with it come Toronto, but he’s mistaken. So is everybody that thinks he’s got a chance of beating me. I am going to be the most dominant Ring of Honor World Television Champion in history, and Tracy Williams is the next stepping stone on that path.”

Taylor has seen both sides of things in losing the Proving Grounds match, but also winning the Television title in a four-way match. Despite the different outcomes, Taylor says it won’t change how he scouts a potential opponent, noting that Williams won’t see the same side of him in Toronto.

“Not really. Once again, as you said, he didn’t beat me. The reason Bandido had his World Television Title shot was that he actually beat me in a 1-on-1 contest. So, fair enough when you ask a question like that. How I approached our match at Best in the World is different than how I approached our match the first time. With this, I take nothing away from Tracy, he won the match, yes. For me, there was no intention on going out and trying to win the match. I’m scouting. 

I’m seeing what they have, what they do, when they do what, movement, timing, things of that sort. My title was not on the line, there was no emphasis for me to go out there and really prove anything. But Tracy got his opportunity and he’s going to have it in Toronto and he’s going to see a completely different Shane Taylor.”

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Shane has been very outspoken about not getting the type of respect from Ring Of Honor that he’s earned, even saying the company was dreading the day he won a title in the company. He said people can keep trying to discredit him, but he’ll keep going out each night to put on the match of the night and shut them up.

“Of course, I’m not. From the fans, from the people who sign the checks, all of them. People have this misconception about what makes a star in pro wrestling. You can’t point to anybody maybe other than Matt Taven who’s been having better matches in Ring of Honor this year than me. All credit to the Briscoes as well for their match with Rush and Dragon Lee and of course with GOD. But when we’re talking singles competition, going back to last year, my matches with Cobb, my matches with Bandido, the matches with Eli Isom. Nobody’s putting on a better show right now than Shane Taylor. 

But because I don’t fit that mold of what they think a champion should be, I don’t play into the social media fanfare for people to jump on that bandwagon, people like to discredit what I do. But once again, I’m going to go out there, defend my Ring of Honor World Television Championship and in the process, put on another match of the year caliber performance with Tracy Williams and continue to shut people up. Shane Taylor is money in Ring of Honor, and like I’ve said, if you want the money, come and get it.”

In addition to his own title defense, Taylor says he’s looking forward to seeing the Ladder War between The Briscoes and Guerrillas Of Destiny. He said there’s plenty of singles competitors he has his eye on, noting that they all could be a potential challenger, but he welcomes them all.

Ring Of Honor’s Summer Supercard takes place on Friday, August 9 at the Mattamy Athletic Centre in Toronto, Canada; the event is available to watch on ROH’s HonorClub streaming service

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