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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Social Roundup: Kevin Owens Loves Dinos & Technology, Jeremy Ganger Headed To #Starrcast, Jerry Lawler’s Retro Car Commercial

Kevin Owens got a new Toronto Raptors themed t-shirt ahead of SummerSlam:

Jeremy Ganger is coming to Starrcast. Ganger is a professional wrestler and bouncer who aided victims fleeing from the recent shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

Jerry Lawler is featured in the following throwback commercial selling automobiles fit for a King:


Dalton Castle isn’t a fan of the Briscoes’ latest promo, noting that his ‘sandwich’ promo ahead of Summer Supercard might have had a bit more bravado.

Silas Young is having some travel-related troubles, but it DOES make a lot of sense

Nia Jax is impressed with her WWE 2K20 character:

Pat McAfee announced plans to launch a nationally-syndicated radio show this fall. During his announcement trailer, he also noted he’ll still be making WWE-related content.

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FOX is hyping The Big Dog’s debut in October: