(Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)

R-Truth Set To Be A Part Of New Film ‘Duke Got Next’, Profiling Incarcerated Boxer’s Fight For Clemency

R-Truth (Ron Killings) is set to appear in the original feature film Duke Got Next, set to begin production in the winter of 2019.

The film details the life of Charles “Duke” Tanner, an undefeated pro boxer who was a rising star in the boxing world before being sent to prison. Tanner was indicted on Federal charges in 2004 and sentenced to two life terms despite being a first-time offender at the time of his initial arrest. The film will show Tanner’s rise to stardom in boxing, as well as his fight for clemency from prison. In addition to announcing the film’s full rights were just acquired by Troy Bly Films, it was also revealed that Tanner’s clemency petition has now been presented before the Trump White House and he hopes to obtain an answer on his clemency before 2020.

“I want my movie to be able to inspire other people to not make the same mistakes I made,” said Duke Tanner, the subject of the film. “The judge threw a double life sentence at me, but by the grace of God, I got a second chance at life.”

The film has picked up support from a number of names in professional fighting, as well as WWE Superstar Ron Killings and rapper Freddie Gibbs. Other names attached to the project include B & B Boxing trainer / manager and TopRank announcer, Brian “Bomac” McIntyre, who will serve as an actor and producer on the project, as well as the trainer for Tanner in his boxing comeback upon his release. Terence “Bud” Crawford, WBO World Champ Jamel “Semper-Fi” Herring (US Marine) and Top Title Contender Undefeated Steven “So Cold” Nelson have also all committed to the film.

Amy Ralston Povah, a Clinton-era clemency recipient, started the non-profit CAN-DO Foundation (Clemency for All Nonviolent Drug Offenders) and her activism has helped bring Tanner’s clemency petition before the Trump administration. A copy of the petition can be found at this link.