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Jack Swagger Criticizes Goldberg After SummerSlam Match, Two Exchange Words

After WWE SummerSlam, it’s pretty apparent that Jack Swagger is not a fan of Bill Goldberg‘s wrestling style. The former WWE star turned MMA fighter went on Twitter to criticize “Da Man” after he completely destroyed Dolph Ziggler in the second match of the main SummerSlam card.

Maybe if u have a match on #summerfest, u should actually be able to work a match @Goldberg I’m tired of this shit…


Goldberg caught wind of Swagger’s chirping and had a quick response for the man known as Jake Hager.

Swagger however, made sure to continue his verbal attack on Bill by asking if he could kick out at two instead.

Goldberg’s SummerSlam match was right in line with Goldberg’s style of match. Dolph started the match off with two superkick surprises and tried getting pin attempts on Bill, but both were only good for one. After that, it was all Goldberg as he delivered a crisp spear and a Jackhammer for the pinfall win. Dolph wouldn’t let sleeping dogs lie and kept calling out Goldberg who can back out to deliver two more unique spears on his fallen foe.

Do you side with Swagger or Goldberg in this matter? State your case in the comments section below.

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