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WWE RAW Viewership Drops But Remains Steady Across All Three Hours


The figures are in for last night’s RAW viewership average courtesy of ShowBuzzDaily, in what turned out to be a pretty entertaining show for WWE. The dust is finally starting to settle on SummerSlam weekend and with Clash of Champions being a few short weeks away, WWE certainly started to set the stage for what should be a pretty entertaining B-show. One of the most intriguing aspects of the card will obviously be the King of the Ring Final, but there are several other bouts that were hinted at on RAW that could cause quite the stir.

In terms of the official figure, the average came out to 2.534 million viewers which is down from 2.729 million viewers last week. While that may seem like a fairly substantial drop, last week’s show was always going to generate a pretty decent number as a result of being the post-SummerSlam show.

As you can see by the hourly breakdown, the numbers remained pretty steady from the start of the show all the way through to the third and final hour.


  • 8pm – 2.546 million
  • 9pm – 2.634 million
  • 10pm – 2.422 million


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3.093 million – July 22 – 2019 High

2.125 million – June 10 – 2019 Low

2.534 million – August 12 – This Week