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Charlotte Flair On Feeling Grateful For WrestleMania Main Event, Being In NXT At The Right Time

Charlotte Flair and Bayley were recent guests on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, and the two spoke about how lucky they are to have gone through NXT at the same time. Bayley said things never would have happened the same way if the timing was off, and Charlotte added that it did seem like the “right place, right time” with Dusty Rhodes and Triple H believing in them.

Charlotte: “I wasn’t even allowed to ‘woo’ or do the Figure Four and when NXT started having the TakeOvers and Triple H started giving us the opportunity to have more time and more in-depth story lines. We just we just ran with it, and the more they kept giving us we just continued to deliver. The only thing is it’s so go, go, go. It’s really hard to be in the moment and realize how far we’ve come. I just go, ‘I just main evented WrestleMania and it still doesn’t feel real because it’s like what’s next?’”

Charlotte was asked about the lead-up to the WrestleMania main event, and she said she was just happy to be in the match itself. She talked about how in the years before the women actually got to main event, people would call her arrogant for aiming for a goal like that.

Charlotte: “No, it was just something that I had said so much in interviews and I was like, ‘oh this is really happening.’ So that was really hard to believe because just even three years before that when I was saying it in interviews a couple people would say, ‘you know, that’s really cool that you want to main event WrestleMania, but you’re kind of arrogant’ like that’ll never happen, and then when it did happen those people message me and they were like ‘man you guys did it’ and I think for me, it was wanting all the women that day— like Bayley and Sasha—to feel a part of that moment because Becky and I wouldn’t have been there hadn’t it been for everyone else in that locker room in the past and the present. I think it was just wanting to make sure that like even though I was in there, Bayley should have been in there, Sasha should have been there, and I think it was just wanting them to know I was grateful to be in that story line at that time to main event because it took everybody. It just wasn’t Ronda coming or it just was a you know, even off of Evolution. It was just I was just happy to be there to be honest.”

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When talking about the pressure of main eventing WrestleMania, Charlotte said she wasn’t even sure she was going to be in WrestleMania, let alone the main event. She says it was more of a feeling of asking how she got this far and she knew how good she was, but asked herself if she did everything she could to be in that huge moment. Lilian went on to add that she snuck into the crowd to watch it, and Charlotte said she never felt pressure to perform, but she really wanted to make the other girls—like Sasha Banks and Bayley—proud of their accomplishments.

Charlotte: “So I think that’s another thing. I don’t know how Becky felt, but for me I know going into Mania it wasn’t necessarily the pressure of how to perform and be in the main event. It was ‘I want to make the girls happy in the locker room. I want to make them proud’ and knowing that Bayley and Sasha were in the audience watching and they were such instrumental parts of my career. It was like ‘man. I just I hope I make them proud’ if that makes any sense.”

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