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Photo Credit: Thomas Tischio / AEW

GCW The New Face of War ’19 Results

Collective GCW

FITE TV is airing Game Changer Wrestling’s New Face of War ’19 event, originally taped 8/23 in Tokyo, Japan.

FIRST MATCH: KTB & Tony Deppen vs. Kikutaro & Shigehiro Irie

Chop battle to start Irie takes down Deppen with a series of shoulder tackles. Deppen locks in a headlock. Irie fights back and maintains dominance. Irie gets a nearfall.

KTB tags in. Kikutaro tags in. Kikutaro gets the better of KTB. KTB fights back with stiff strikes.

[stream died briefly]

Irie gets a near fall from a piledriver. Irie hits a Pounce. Kikutaro tags in. Kikutaro unleashes a series of chops on Deppen. Kikutaro hits a Powerslam. Kikutaro hits a Last Ride Sitout Powerbomb. Kikutaro covers for two.

Deppen hits a Bicycle Knee Strike. KTB tags in. Deppen hits a Double Stomp, KTB hits a Death Valley Driver. KTB covers but Irie breaks the pinfall.

KTB and Irie unleash a series of strikes. Deppen sends Irie to the outside. Deppen hits somersault tope. KTB misses a Moonsault. Kikutaro covers for two. KTB hits a Beastsault for the pinfall.

WINNERS: KTB & Tony Deppen

SECOND MATCH: Alex Colon, Masashi Takeda & Eric Ryan vs. Isami Kodaka, Takashi Sasaki & Violento Jack

Lighttube vs. Meat Cleaver battle to begin. Takeda and Colon break the lighttubes with knives. Absolute carnage, as Takeda and Sasaki fight with meat cleavers.  Everyone brawls on the outside.

Colon gets a barbed wire board on the outside. Colon and Sasaki both try to suplex each other. Sasaki drives Colon through a barbed wire board with a big boot. Sasaki rolls Colon back in the ring.

Sasaki suplexes Colon onto a barbed wire board. Kodaka tags in.  Kodaka hits a snapmare. Kodaka soccer kicks a bundle of lighttubes into Colon’s back. Jack tags in and clears the apron.

Colon and Jack trade blows. Sasaki tags in. Jack and Sasaki hit a double shoulder tackle. Sasaki throws a barbed wire board at Alex Colon. Sasaki throws Colon into the corner. Sasaki smashes Colon with lighttubes. Sasaki hits Colon with a lighttube but gets dropped by Colon. Colon sends Kodaka through a barbed wire board. Takeda tags in.

Takeda hits a barbed wire board assisted dropkick on Sasaki. Takeda covers for two. Takeda staples Sasaki repeatedly. Sasaki staples a flyer to Takeda’s tongue. Kodaka tags in. Kodaka hits a Yakuza Kick. Kodaka hits a Frankensteiner.  Kodaka smashes Takeda with a lighttube. Takeda smashes Kodaka with a lighttube.  They trade exploder suplex. Kodaka hits a lariat. Kodaka climbs to the top rope. Kodaka staples himself in the head. Takeda recovers and joins Kodaka on the top rope. Takeda hits a Superplex.  Ryan tags in. Jack tags in.

They trade blows. Ryan smashes Jack into a bundle of lighttubes. Ryan hits a suicide dive. Ryan rolls Jack back in the ring. Ryan grabs a block full of forks but gets backdropped onto them. Absolute mayhem breaks out.

Colon hits a top rope double stomp. Ryan hits Jack. Takeda hits Jack. Ryan covers for two. Violento Jack slams Eric Ryan onto a barbed wire board and covers for two. Violento Jack drapes a barbed wire board on Eric Ryan and hits a Senton Bomb for the pinfall.

WINNERS: Isami Kodaka, Takashi Sasaki & Violento Jack