WWE SmackDown Live Results

WWE SmackDown Live Results (8/27/19)

August 27, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Last Week’s Smackdown Live Results

Backstage, Roman Reigns says he has something to say to Daniel Bryan and Rowan but he is going to say it in the ring.

In-Ring Segment: Kofi Kingston

Kingston says all he ever wanted was to prove himself but Randy Orton made it personal. After Kingston took out The Revival with a chair Orton ran away. Now Orton knows that when you go after Kingston’s family you have crossed the line. Kingston will prove to Orton that he was ready in the past and he is ready now. Orton appears on the ‘tron and calls Kingston stupid. Orton says someone slide a letter under his hotel room door. Orton reads the letter and it says that Orton makes Kingston cry at night. Orton says it was written by Kingston’s son. Orton says he just realized he is staying in the same hotel as Kingston’s family. Orton isn’t going to write Kingston’s son back. Orton is going to go pay Kingston’s family a visit right now. Kingston runs to the backstage area. Kingston finds Orton. Kingston and Orton brawl as referees and officials try to separate them. Orton hangman’s DDTs Kingston off of a table. Kingston is out cold.

Backstage, Big E. comes out of the trainer’s room. Big E. says Kingston will be ready for Clash of Champions. After Big E.’s match with Orton tonight, Orton will not be.

King of the Ring Round One: Ali vs. Buddy Murphy

After a brief exchange, Ali takes Murphy down with a ranna. Murphy falls out of the ring. Ali sets up a dive but Murphy meets him in the middle of the ring with a nasty running knee. After the break, Ali lands a dive. Ali tries his rolling x-factor but Murphy launches Ali out of the ring. Murphy hits a senton to the outside. Murphy misses a top rope Meteora. Ali destroys Murphy with a superkick. Reverse ranna by Ali. Murphy kicks out. After a series of reversals, Murphy lands the flash knee into a brainbuster. Ali kicks out. Murphy gets trapped in the ropes. Ali hits a head-scissor hangman’s DDT. Ali lands the 450 for the win.

Winner- Ali

Ali advances to the King of the Ring quarterfinals.

After the match, Murphy raises Ali’s hand.

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