Photo Credit: TJ Perkins

TJP Forces A ‘Too Sweet’ From El Phantasmo, Sheamus Goes To Southeast Asia For Latest ‘Celtic Warrior Workouts’

TJP Forces A ‘Too Sweet’ From El Phantasmo

The Super-J Cup finished up this weekend and while TJP didn’t come out victorious in the famed NJPW tournament, he certainly made his presence known in a bout against the 2019 winner, El Phantasmo. While locked up on the ground, TJP made Phantasmo “Too Sweet” him as an effort to get into the head of the Bullet Club member.

Sheamus Goes To Southeast Asia For ‘Celtic Warrior Workouts’

Sheamus has been quite the busy brawler despite being out of the ring, particularly with his “Celtic Warrior Workouts” on his YouTube channel. Sheamus isn’t afraid to try out other folks’ workout regimens and that includes going across the globe. Sheamus did exactly that while in Southeast Asia for a WWE tour:

WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here… On a recent whirlwind WWE two-day media tour of South East Asia I stopped off in Manila, Philippines & in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And being a Brave Change man I was ready to workout with anyone in those amazing cities given I had barely any sleep and only a few hours to spare. I was under a lot of pressure and could have had a much more relaxed trip but I got so much more from stepping out of my comfort zone and training with inspirational local people.

First off on my first day I got an early morning traditional Philippines Stick Fighting, or Arnis, class in. No dressing rooms or anything like that, I got changed outdoors in a Manila city park before getting a crash course in the ancient art of fighting with sticks. Loved it. From there I rushed over to Pretty Huge Obstacles and had the best afternoon with a fantastic bunch of kids mixing-up exercise and fun at this state of the art obstacle course. It’s like working-out without realizing you’re working-out. Seriously good fun.

My second and last day in SE Asia landed me in Kuala Lumpur. I had very little time to train but managed to get schooled in some traditional Malaysian football by Small World star Lucy Chong aka Lulu. This super charismatic youngster even had me doing the splits and failing horribly at cartwheels… As I said, it was a whirlwind two days but the people I got to exercise with were absolutely amazing and amazingly generous with their time. It astounds me how rewarding life is when you’re brave enough to… Brave Change.