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IMPACT Wrestling Retaining LAX Name As Santana and Ortiz Move On

As reported by sources speaking to PWInsider and heavily hinted at by the team, IMPACT Wrestling will be retaining the rights to the LAX name as Santana and Ortiz move away from the company. The pair said their goodbyes to the IMPACT crowd earlier this month after two years with the company.

The team formally known as LAX has been courted by both AEW and WWE in recent months, but it’s not clear where they’ll end up as of now. Speaking on the Shining Wizards podcast, Ortiz states that people “won’t be disappointed” with their decision.

We’re at a weird time where our contracts came up, right at a crazy time in wrestling. Of course, people are talking about Wednesday night now. We just happen to be, as far as name-value, one of the bigger ones for our contracts to come up.

The duo had used the name “EYFBO” on the indies prior to their run in IMPACT. Whether that name returns or a new name is chosen, Santana seems to have a plan. “We’re gonna be doing our own thing. We’re still Santana & Ortiz, but we’re gonna be putting out something new.”

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Podcast quotes courtesy of Shining Wizards podcast via Fightful