Dustin Rhodes
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Dustin Rhodes On The Rise Of Social Media In Pro Wrestling


Dustin Rhodes is a veteran of the business, and as such, he has some pretty interesting views on the current state of affairs. Now that he is with All Elite Wrestling those views are a little bit more ‘open-minded’, ensuring that he can share them with the world more so than he did before.

During a recent snippet from one of his live shows with Inside The Ropes, Dustin, formerly known as Goldust, gave his thoughts on what kind of impact social media has on the modern era of professional wrestling.

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On why the Attitude Era is dead:

“The Attitude Era of yesterday is never gonna come back because there’s too many kids involved. There’s too many parents, this world we live in now is so worried about everything so if we do something wrong on TV, they’re gonna call us out on it. Social media has done that too, also.”

On the old school vs new school nature of the business:

“TV now is just so fast and all you see is 50,000 f***ing moves man, and you can’t focus. There’s no story. I truly believe, being old school, without the old school, there is no new school, so they learned it from somewhere. They learned it from the old school storytelling and selling, from getting your ass kicked and making a comeback, much like a film.”

On social media in wrestling:

“If The Undertaker is on Twitter, it feels weird to me. It takes away the mystique of The Undertaker, the Deadman, right? If Goldust is on Twitter he needs to be talking like Goldust does in his promos. I don’t do that on Twitter.”