lio rush
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Lio Rush On Becoming A Wrestling Fan & His Own Truth In The Business


During a recent interview with HipHopDX, WWE superstar Lio Rush took the time to open up a bit as the questions continue to swirl around regarding his career. The former Ring of Honor star, who is bringing out a new single, gave his thoughts on the world of pro wrestling.

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On becoming a wrestling fan:

“I’ve always wanted to be a professional wrestler. And starting my life out in sports, I felt obligated to accomplish being a professional wrestler first before I did anything else that I was interested in.”

On his own truth:

“A lot of the times these rumors just get taken as facts because I feel like people are afraid or scared to tell their side. But I take pride in what I do and the things that I believe in. I don’t like my reputation being altered by dirt sheets [wrestling websites] or anyone who doesn’t know the full side of any story. And I just wanted to throw some positivity at the situation because everybody’s always trying to capitalize on the negative and make stories out of things that have no source or substance behind it.”

On his music:

“I wanted to put something out there that was raw, something that was real, something that was emotional. I just wanted to be open and honest with my fans. I felt like this was definitely something that people could relate to given the current circumstances that I’m in right now.”

On confidence in his music:

There’s this stigma of doubt with professional wrestlers making a rap song. It’s always in the wrong direction as far as the content of the song. I just didn’t want to be associated with that.”