Baron Corbin
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Baron Corbin Advances In WWE King Of The Ring 2019, Samoa Joe vs. Ricochet Ends In Controversy

Baron Corbin Defeats Cedric Alexander To Advance In WWE King Of The Ring 2019

The WWE King of the Ring tournament continued on WWE RAW this week. In a quarter-final match, Baron Corbin faced Cedric Alexander. Corbin defeated the Miz last week while Alexander beat Sami Zayn earlier in the tournament. After a competitive match, Corbin defeated Alexander to advance.

Earlier in the show, the O.C. attacked Alexander backstage, which put him at a disadvantage in this match. Still, Alexander took the fight to Corbin early on but the big man floored Alexander with a clothesline. Corbin continued to his his strength to counteract Alexander’s quickness. Corbin viciously slammed Alexander into the ring post to take control. With Alexander’s vulnerable arm weakening him, Corbin kept attacking the injured limb. Alexander displayed his heart by fighting through the pain. Corbin countered a springboard maneuver into a spinebuster for a near fall. Corbin countered another springboard move into a Deep Six for near fall.

Alexander repeatedly drove Corbin shoulder-first into the ring post and took him down with a dive to the outside. Alexander reversed End of Days into a roll-up for a near fall but Corbin tripped him up off the top and planted him with End of Days for the win.

Ricochet And Samoa Joe Fight To A No Contest In WWE King Of The Ring Quarter-Final

In the second WWE King of the Ring match on RAW, Ricochet faced Samoa Joe. The two men renewed their rivalry from earlier this year with a spot in the semi-finals of the tournament on the line.

Early on, Joe and Ricochet were evenly matched. Joe gained the upper hand and grounded Ricochet by targeting his leg. Joe landed hard after falling through the ropes. A springboard moonsault off the barricade took Joe down. A knee-breaker took the wings out of Ricochet’s offense. The Samoan Submission Machine continued to hone in on Ricochet’s leg. The high flyer fought back with some springboard offensive maneuvers but a nasty slam into the barricade returned control of the match to Joe. The Samoan Submission Machine tossed Ricochet across the ring. A rolling dropkick gave Ricochet some breathing room and a standing Shooting Star Press got him a near fall. Ricochet almost rolled Joe up and another dive to the outside dropped Joe again. Joe locked in the Coquina Clutch on the top rope but Ricochet fell off the top and onto Joe. The referee counted the pin with both men covering each other with an arm.

The referee spoke to someone on the headset and said both competitors’ shoulders were down. Referee John Cone left the arena and toold Ricochet he’ll make a ruling soon. Joe attacked Ricochet after the match and both men kept brawling. Ricochet dropped Joe with a Recoil to win the fight.

Later in the show, Cone revealed that WWE management determined that neither Ricochet nor Joe were eliminated. Instead, both men will face Baron Corbin next week in a triple threat match.

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