killer kross
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Report: Killer Kross’ IMPACT Wrestling Absence Due To Refusal To Blade

Killer Kross hasn’t been seen on IMPACT Wrestling programming since he lost a First Blood match at Slammiversary, and we may now have a reason as to why we haven’t seen him since then.

A source speaking to Wrestlezone explained that Kross is being “punished” for refusing to cut himself (“blade”) in that match against Eddie Edwards. It was noted that there was some concern from a talent perspective over the lack of blood testing and the absence of a doctor or medic at the venue (Gilley’s in Dallas, Texas). It was also said that IMPACT officials were upset when they then had to go out and get fake blood for the match after Kross didn’t want to cut himself open.

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Kross recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam, and said was unsure of his status with the company at the time. While he is still under contract with IMPACT, he noted during the call that “at this present time, I’m in this bizarre limbo that is completely ridiculous” and that he’d been consulting a lawyer about his issues with the company.

IMPACT Wrestling is currently set for a round of TV tapings in Las Vegas this week; Kross is not currently advertised for the events.

Update: has also independently confirmed the story about Kross’ rumored absence.