All Out

All Out PPV Sales Trending Lower Than Double Or Nothing, ‘Down Significantly’ Via TV

The (sometimes rough) numbers are in for All Elite Wrestling’s self-proclaimed biggest show of the year, and it may mean that All Out will fall below the numbers set by Double or Nothing. As reported by The Wrestling Observer newsletter, All Out was “down significantly” from AEW’s big premiere, although it will finish ahead of its spiritual predecessor All In. Streaming on the B/R Live was up over past shows, helped by the one-hour pre-show that heavily pushed purchases via that platform.

The Wrestling Observer does have one exact number, and that’s for All In’s TV buys. They sit at 28,000, which is short of Double or Nothing’s 35,000 in this same time period. If trends continue, All Out will top out at 100,000 buys, which is lower than Double or Nothing’s 113,000.

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